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Hunan noodle Foddies’ Garden
2016-12-20 16:46:09  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Hunan noodle(Xiangfen), also known as “south noodles”, is named after its producing origin Xiang (short for Hunan). It has shared the same fame as Beijing Qinghe vermicelli and Shandong longkou vermicelli, which is actively demanded in both domestic and foreign markets.

Xiangfen has taken some fava beans, green beans, peas, sichuan beans, green beans and other legumes as raw materials, and those who is made up of pure bean powder made is called “silver powder” or “Longxu Vermicelli” whose color is silver, fine as silk, gentle ups and downs, like tendrils. This type is the top grade in Xiangfen.

Due to its raw material, beans and being hand-made, Xiangfen, a rich source of natural protein, is a kind of high nutritious soybean product featured by its white color and slender figure, softness, smoothness. It is also easily cooked, strongly resisted to boiling, which has always been a favorite of soy foods.

In winter, people like to eat a kind of hot pot called “Sansi Hot Pot” mixed with shredded pork, shredded bamboo shoots and noodles. In summer, it can be made into salad with shredded ginger, pepper, which is not only tasting and refreshing, but also convenient and cheap.

With the chef’s carefully craftsmanship, Xiangfen can make its color, aroma, taste and shape comparable to real shark’s fin, is a high-grade dishes in vegetarian feast.Therefore, Xiangfen also shares the reputation of “hexi shark’s fin”.

By Brenda

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