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Hunan Xiangxi Cured Meat
2016-10-12 11:25:59  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

There is a habit of fuming cured meat in the next year in Xiangxi. Every year, when approaching the end of the year, people always kill pig and then slice its meat to three or five jin. Kneading salt and other spices into the meat and corning for three or five days, then after these ingredients soaking into the meat, people dangle the meat with bamboo stripes or rattans on the fiery pit for continuous fume.

Pungent, spicy, salty and scented, Xiangxi cured meat is favored among consumers for its delicious taste. Every Tujia people and Hmong living in Xiangxi can make cured meat. It is really a delicacy with distinctive flavour.

The well-fumed cured meat can be preserved for over half a year. If fumed with orange peels, the meat will be rosy in oil and shinning brilliantly in red without soot. Before making dishes, the cured meat should be cleaned, cooked thoroughly, steamed softly and then sliced. This meat not only can directly eat dipped with salty soup and hot pepper, but also can be cooked with ingredients. After done, the dish smells terrifically fragrant with famished look.

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