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Zhangjiajie's best places for sunrise & sunset tour
2018-06-15 14:38:56  ZJJTOPTOURISM WEBSITE  

1.Old House Area (Sunrise)
Old House Area(Laowuchang老屋场) is one of the best place to enjoy sunrise in Zhangjiajie National National Forest Park, which is also a classic off-the-beaten-track place in the park.You need to get up around 4:00 am in summer and 5:00 am in winter to shoot the sunrise, there is no tourism bus you can take to arrive in Old House Area, you can hire a private car in Dingxiangrong Downtown, the cost is about 100rmb/pax. Have a short walk to photo‘Spirit Soldiers Meeting’ and ‘Sky Field Garden’.‘Sky Field Garden’is a rice paddy area, farmed by local people and hanging on an outcrop, surrounded by Zhangjiajie's classic towers. What's more, you will have a panoramic view of Bailong Elevator at‘Spirit Soldiers Meeting’platform.
2.Tianzishan Cablecar Station(Sunrise)
Tianzishan(Tianzi Mountain天子山) is one of the four major Wulingyuan scenic areas,more than 1,000 pillars are located here, it It is known as ‘The Monarch of the Peak Forest’. At the top of the mountain, visitors can see the full extent of the Wulingyuan Scenic Area. Beautiful scenes of the mountain greet visitors in different seasons. There are four wonders: The Sea of Clouds, The Radiance of the Moonlight, Rays of Sunshine and the Snow in winter.
You can stay in Tianzi Mountain, there are plenty of homestays with simple facilities, you need to get up early to catch the sunrise at Tianzi Mountain Cablecar Station,Tianzi Mountain is the highest mountain in the park, where is common to have foggy days in summer time.
3.The Grand Sightseeing Platform(Sunrise)
The Grand Sightseeing Platform is near to Dingxiangrong Downtown, which is one of the best places to enjoy the sunrise in the park. There are a lot of hostels in Dingxiangrong Downtown, it only takes you 10 minutes to reach The Grand Sightseeing Platform from this small downtown. The best season to enjoy sunrise is summer. 
Yangjiajie includes Wulong Village,Tianbo Mansion, One Step to Heaven.The Air Corridor and the natural “Great Wall”,the top places for sunset are Tianbo Mansion and the natural“Great Wall”, it will take you about 40 minutes to Tianbo Mansion from Yangjiajie Cablecar Sation by hiking, but the  natural “Great Wall”is just close to cablecar station.
Famous and popular for its Hallelujah Mountain, named after Avatar's floating rocks, pictures of ‘First Bridge in the World' from ‘Viewing Bridge Platform' (Wangqiaotai) are a bonus. Afternoon is the best time to photograph the Yuanjiajie area. To avoid crowds and a better light, your guide will take you there around 5:00 pm.
6.Yellow Stone Village(Sunrise)
Yellow Stone Village is the earliest developed scenic spots in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, as a popular saying goes:" it just wastes your time if you do not visit Yellow Stone Village when you come to Zhangjiajie". The Pick-up Star Platform is a good place for shooting sunrise pictures, but there is no hotels or hostels you can stay on the top of mountain, so it is not convenient to enjoy sunrise in the morning.
Please Note:The exact time is different because of the season,Please consult the online service.

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