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Hunan Specialty Rice cake
2016-10-12 11:25:33  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Rice cake is an improvement from glutinous rice or Ziba. In Ming and Qing Dynasty, on the bases of traditional crafts of making Ziba, it is made by several procedures including grinding glutinous rice into fine powder, adding white sugar and water into it, and kneading it into various shapes like square, round and strip.

During the period of the republic of China, nearly 40 workshops made rice cakes on lunar New Year, with more than 10 kinds of flavors consisting of sweet eight treasures, lotus-paste, lard, osmanthus flowers, rose, and jujube paste. Of which the most renowned is apricot blossom village food workshop. Now ham, sausage, preserved fruit, seafood and other new varieties have been added into it. Featured by its white jade color, it is soft and smooth, fine oil moisten, and waxy fragrance, which can be Fried, grilled, soup, and boiled. Eating it on Chinese New Year has already become a custom.

By Brenda

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