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Top food recommendation for Hunan tourism[Photo Gallery]
2017-05-21 16:19:53  Zhangjiajie Toptourism Website  

Changsha food recommendation

Stinky Tofu

With near one thousand years' history, Chinese stinky tofu is known as choudoufuru, a preserved tofu soaked in brine, with a dark green color and strong acrid smell; it's bitter and yeasty.

For fans of stinky food, the stronger the smell, the better the taste. All the smell comes from the brine, made from fermented milk, mustard green and other ingredients. The formula for brine is usually a closely guarded restaurant secret.

Stinky tofu is made from bean curd, bittern, winter bamboo shoots as well as starter wine. And sesame oil, soy sauce and other seasonings are added when Smelly Bean Curd is fried. Crisp and tender, Smelly Bean Curds are very delicious.

Changsha Style Cooked Crayfish

Spicy Fish Head

The fish head should be large, probably from an enormous carp or similar freshwater species, thus comical, and it should be frosted with the chopped blend of dried, fresh and fermented chiles that give Hunanese cooking its reputation for head-snapping heat.

The huge fish head features splendid colors and bold flavors.The ingredients include red pepper crusted tuna, onions, ginger, salt and cooking wine and peanut oil.

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