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Hunan Rice tea(Fan cha)
2016-12-20 16:46:09  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Since I myself am one hundred percent foodie, in order to share the information of those delicacies, I will set up a new section to introduce food around Hunan. Let’s wait and see how delicious and abundant the food in Hunanis!

The first star that emerges blinkingly before us is called Fan Cha(rice tea), which is a mixture of sesame, soybeans, salt, rice and other ingredients. Its processing procedure is very simple: 1. grinding rice into powder;2.and then adding water, sesame, soybeans, spices and salt and other ingredients as you like into it;n3. at last, you can knead into any shapes, such as flowers, crabs, balls ect. Then fry it in the boiling oil until it turns a little bit yellow, just as the color of fried chicken. A course of crispy and inviting food is ready!

By Brenda

Keyword:Hunan cuisine & snack & food