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Yongzhou-Mount Emperor Shun National Park
2017-05-20 16:28:17  ENGHUNAN  

Located in the northwestern part of Dong'an County, Mount Emperor Shun National Forest Park was once called Jinfeng Mountain and later it acquired its present name from Emperor Shun who died during a hunting trip here. The park covers an area of 14553.6 hectares with forest coverage of 91.8 percent. In this park, the beautiful mountains, elegant lakes, amazing stones and vast forests constitute beautiful scenery. Also it is called "the gene bank" for various plants and wild animals and "a natural oxygen bar". Therefore the park is praised as paradise on earth and it is an attractive destination for tourists to be close to nature.

Transport: Take public buses in Dong'an County to Taimiaokou and then take a taxi to the destination

Tel: (86)746-4611229

Admission(for reference): RMB 218 yuan/adult

Opening hours: 7:30-18:00

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