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Yongzhou Nvshu (Women's Script) Garden
2017-05-20 16:22:22  ENGHUNAN  

In the Museum of Nvshu (Women's Script), tourists can not only find the display and introduction of Nvshu works but also enjoy the unique female social life and cultural ecological environment. Those exhibits including Nvshu, needlework and female songs perfectly combine local natural environment, buildings and daily production supplies with local’s daily way of life.

In order to protect Nvshu culture, local government built the Nvshu Garden in Puwei Village. It is an important research base, promoting and researching Nvshu works and also a good platform to demonstrate the charm of Nvshu culture. There is one major building and four halls in the backyard of Nvshu Garden. The building is the classroom of Nvshu School. The four halls include functional building and needlework building in the left and Nvshu handicraft exhibition hall and Nvshu painting and calligraphy exhibition hall in the right. Those calligraphy, pictures and video briefly demonstrate the academic achievement and local customs.

More about Nvshu:

Nvshu is translated as "Women's Script". Local people also say that Changjiaowen, is the only female word in the world. Reportedly, Nvshu is only passed down by females. The Nvshu originally comes from Chinese square character and belongs to one of the variations of Chinese square characters. Researchers say that the number of basic single words of Nvshu is around 1,700 and 80% of those words come from Chinese writing. The rest of 20% are improvised by local people. The shape of Nvshu is like rhomboid which seems like the Oracle.

The existence of Nvshu remains safe since local women cannot get the chance to read books and learn how to write in ancient China. It is said that Nvshu has a history of more than hundreds of years. Nvshu has a special social function. Some long passage can be around 4,000 to 5,000 words and few passages are with few words. Generally speaking, Nvshu works are usually written on the refined handwritten book, sectors, cloth palmer and slips of paper. Women usually gather together to make Nvshu works and chat with each other. They usually call workimg on Nvshu as Reading Paper, Reading Sectors etc.

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