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Western Hunan Temple Fair
2017-04-22 15:50:20  Zhangjiajie Toptourism Website  

Recorded in “Juan Family Genealogy”: Dayong Tujia Minority and Bai Minority, “Believing the wizard to exceed the God Willing, bugling the ox horn to exceed the battle drum, there are much more laughter persons, but there are a few of persons to have the knowledge. Thus, Cili records is said that: not know the years outside Maohuajie.” Rewarding God and exceeding Willing and going to temple market is the most solemn festival of the people of Dayong Tujia Minority and Bai Minority.

In old records: “The acquainted family placed Lord at the center, sacrificing at seasons”. Where the family temple has Lord to be sacrificed, determining the Lord birthday as the fair date; so determining the death day of a historical celebrity as the temple fair day. Because the Lord's birthday date or death day is different, so the fair date increases naturally. From Lunar January to Lunar November, almost there is temple fair in every month to form a special custom culture phenomenon. Such as, 15 Lunar January is the birthday of Yonghe, Zhaowu General of Gushi Zujing Camp Commander-in-chief, his descendant will hold the temple fair on this day at his birthplace Liaoping every year. 9 Lunar January is the birthday of Lord Wang Mingkai, Wang’s descendants determine Yanmentan of Furong Bridge as the temple fair site. To go a temple fair is enthusiastic and grand. 

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