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Zhangjiajie Tea-Picking Songs and Dances
2016-10-12 10:45:05  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Tea is a pretty common drink in Chinese daily life. For foreigners who inclined to tea were firstly surprised by the unexpected and relaxing function of tea drinking. According to historical materials, tea drinks can make people free from dizzy and keep awake. What is more, it gives people a sensually and consciously fresh feeling. And that is why tea drinking sweeps around the whole world.

What closely related to the quality of tea are the tea-picking periods. As we are known the Tomb-sweeping period is the most suitable and high- qualified one during a whole year. Firstly, during this time tea leaves suffer the fewest attack from insects thus they are green and subtle with perfect shapes and fragrance. Secondly, the temperature among this period is quite fair for tea leaves to slow the growth, which ensures the purity of Qing Ming tea. Just as the old saying goes, Qing Ming tea is as precious as the gold.

When picking the tea, tea-picking labors usually enjoy their work by singing and dancing .In Zhangjiajie, a famous and pure city , there are honest and simple minority people who have created lots kinds of dances and songs linked closely to tea-picking. The dance gestures are simple and easy to learn for green hands for they are based on daily life. Such as make-up, climb mountains and express admiration of love between boys and girls. For tea -pickers, it is a joyful and relaxed activity to work in the tea garden. Come and join them ,you are able to taste this indescribable feeling.

By Aileen

Keyword:Zhangjiajie Folklore & Culture & Customs