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Zhangjiajie Hard Qigong
2016-12-20 16:49:33  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

From historical records we learn that the magical Qigong of Zhangjiajie was invented by Cuiguzi; hence it bears the name Guigu Qigong.

Zhangjiajie enjoys a high reputation as County of Hard Qqigong, especially in Guanliping village at the foot of Tianmen Mountain. It is the order of the day for men and women, young and old to practice this style of Qigong. Among the practitioners, a man by the name of Zhao Jishu was awarded first prize in the National Martial Arts Competition in 1979. Thus honored, he accompanied some central governmental leaders for visits to Luxembourg was effusive in his praise for this international Qigong master and said this international Qigong master is real something. A Frenchman exclaimed that Chinese Hard Qigong displays true science and is a treasure shared by all humanity.

As for the performances, they usually involve lying face down on sharp steel forks, among other amazing displays. Though the performances are exciting and well worth watching, I am afraid that they might be a bit too stimulating for some people. It was reported that during Zhao Jishus demonstration in Luxembourgs national theatre, two elderly ladies became terrified and fainted.

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