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Zhangjiajie Lobster Flower Tea
2016-12-20 16:29:46  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

ZJJ Lobster Flower Tea, produced in Wulingyuan ZJJ, is scientifically confected with Maojian Tea and Lobster Flower, a rare and famous flower named for lobster-like shape in ZJJ. It is characterized as follows: first, it is apricot yellow but bright and limpid and it tastes fragrant, sweet and refreshing. Second, it is characterized by rich amino acid and high quality. Third, lobster-like and lifelike shape makes the tea distinctive.

It is not only characterized by its color, taste and shape, but also by its strict making process. No matter in picking or frying, every process is very careful and meticulous. Picking and making period is from April 4 to April 20 every year. What’s more, neither shoots with rain, dew on it nor amaranth shoots are not qualified. Frying is proceeded in 7 steps: kill out lobe cells, fry and rub, steam it in hot air, fry again, steam again, pick out unqualified tea leaves, and stove it in the end. High skills are required in making. Thus, it’s really not easy to get the end product.

ZJJ Lobster tea

ZJJ Maojian Tea

ZJJ Lobster Flower

By Brenda

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