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Li Junsheng Sandstone Painting
2016-12-20 16:49:31  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Jun Sheng painting is a new kind of style which uses natural materials, like sand, stone, and plants. He makes a breakthrough in the traditional painting materials. He manifests the nature with natural things and depicts object with object. His painting combines the grace of Chinese traditional painting, the freshness of watercolor, the dignity of oil painting, the refinement of crafts, and the three dimension of demirelief.

Just as he puts it: “A fancy artwork is not constrained by materials and techniques, instead it lies on the creator’s inspiration.” Li Junsheng inherited the national tradition and integrating merits of many schools; he forms his particular painting style and pursues the highest level of art and life with the composition principle “artistic soul, natural source.”

Contributed by Misu Lee

Special acknowledgement: Junsheng Art Academy

Li Junsheng: Zhangjiajie Scenery

Li Junsheng: Ancient Town

Li Junsheng: Zhangjiajie Scenery

Li Junsheng: Lotus

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