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Zhangjiajie Root Carving
2016-12-20 16:29:46  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

The development of root carving possesses a long history in China. This kind of art mainly spreads over Fujian province, Jiangsu province, Anhui province, etc. However, within Zhangjiajie City, one can also find some traces of root carvings. Obviously, continuous mountains, dense karst caves and brooky rivers breed high-quality raw materials for abundant root art. Root carving produced in Zhangjiajie stand out in the market for its unique aesthetic and artistic tastes. What’s more, it has also gained many national awards. Without doubt, it is an excellent collection for visitors coming to Zhangjiajie.

Taking natural and distorted shapes of roots, (trunks, burls, and roots) as the creation object, artists can produce figures, animals, implements and other artistic images by means of meditation, conception, process and fabrication.

When talking about the process of creating root carvings, we can say that most comes from its natural shape; only small part relies on manual handling and decorating. Hence, root carving is also called “the art of root”.

Translated by Becky

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