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Chinese liquor
2016-12-20 16:46:16  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Chinese liquor beverages are traditionally warmed before being consumed. The temperature to which the liquor may be warmed ranges between approximately 35 and 55℃, well below the boiling point of ethanol. Warming the liquor allows its aromas to be better appreciated by the drinker without losing too much alcohol. Optimal temperature for warming depends on the type of beverage as well as the preference of the drinker.

The origins of the alcoholic beverage from fermented grain in China cannot be traced definitively. A legend said that Yidi, the wife of the first dynasty’s king Yu (About 2100 BC) invented the method. Another legend says that liquor was invented by one Dù Kāng (杜康). At that time millet was the main grain, the so-called “Yellow liquor”, then rice became more popular. It was not until the 19th century that distilled drinks became more popular.

Traditionally, Chinese distilled liquors are consumed together with food rather than drunk on their own.

Translated by Sophia

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