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Mysterious Straw Attached to an Article of Tujia Nationality
2016-12-20 16:49:31  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Straw attached to an article is a kind of folk custom in the area of Tujia nationality in Zhangjiajie. It usually has a significance of implication.

Straw attached to an article put in different area has different meanings. If straw attached to an article is put in a fork road, it signifies you can be assured to walk steadily since somebody else has already passed by. If it is seen in a deep gorge, then you should be careful since vipers may haunt in this area. If the straw attached to an article is seen in braches, it indicates this tree is not allowed to chop down or this place is a district of being sealed. If you catch a sight of straw attached to an article in the road junction leading to a piece of cropland, then you should not harvest the crops because that is owned by somebody else. If you see straw in the woods, you must not cut or lumber trees here, or you will be published.

Translated by Becky

Keyword:Zhangjiajie Folklore & Culture & Customs