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Tujia Embroidery
2016-12-20 16:49:32  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

The Tujia minority women are skillful in two very distinct kind of embroidery-one that has large pattern and the other that is small and fine. The former type, embroidered with such subjects as the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, or an official of quick promotion, or lions, tigers or birds, is normally produced for household decoration. The latter category is for much smaller items, ones of a practical nature: wallets, perfumed bags, childrens hats and womens shoes. Xiuhua mountain museum has brought together thousands of pieces of Tujia embroidery, but because of the present limited space, only a few dozens of them can be displayed. The Tujia nationality has its own oral language, we can peek into the ancient Tujias special taste for art and beauty as well as attitude towards life. Please notice this embroidery: a monkey, a deer and several bees are ingeniously woven together. Chinese for the title of Hou. Tujia believe the Hou is the highest official title for an military officer, while Tian Guan is the highest official title for the civil officials.

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