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CCTV Presents Splendid Hunan
2019-03-11 10:57:00  enghunan  

Hunan’s splendid landscapes and development achievements were shown in an aerial video program “Magnificent China” during the CCTV Primetime News on March 10, 2019.

Along with the background music “I Love You, China”, picturesque scenes were shown in sequence: Orange Isle in Changsha; Mao Zedong’s Shaoshan Residence; Xiangxi’s Aizhai Grand Bridge; Shibadong Village, a targeted poverty alleviation initiative location; and, Yueyang’s Chenglingji Port. After that, several frames displayed Hunan’s notable achievements, including super rice, rail transit, engineering machinery, and intelligent manufacturing.

Hunan makes every effort to construct a magnificent China. Over the past few years, Hunan has achieved notable ecological conservation results. Hunan ranks eighth nationwide in green development. Air environment has maintained good quality 85.4% of the time in the 14 cities and prefecture in 2018, 3.7 percentage points higher than last year. 

In 2018, the national celebration for the World Environmental Day on June 5 was held in Changsha. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment and other four Chinese central government offices jointly publicized the “Code of Conduct for Environmental Protection”, to call for environment-friendly and low-carbon lifestyle, and public responsibility in ecological environmental protection.

Orange Isle

Yueyang Tower

Shibadong Village 

Source from Enghunan

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