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Zhangjiajie Stone Agarics
2017-02-24 16:46:00  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Zhangjiajie is famous for mountains.Being richly endowed by nature, wild plants in Zhangjiajie are of tough vitality. Take the local specialty stone agarics as example; stone agarics are living in the sandstone cliffs in Wulingyuan scenic zones, Zhangjiajie. On the one hand, stone agarics are delicious food for their rich nutrition; on the other hand, they are medicine for anti-inflammation and nourishing.

Stone agarics are named for the living environments.As a matter of fact, stone agarics are the mosses of stones with leaf-shape. Usually, atone agarics are gray or tawny with a protrusion in the middle to absorb nutrition from the stones.

In winter, people in Zhangjiajie prefer to make a hot-pot with hen and stone agarics, which is nutrient and tasty.

By Aileen

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