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Zhangjiajie wild mushroom
2016-12-20 16:46:10  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

ZJJ Wild mushroom is a wide family with various members. In Zhangjiajie, when talking about wild mushrooms, you must learn something and had better have a taste of Lactarius delicious, a kind of rare wild mushroom.

Lactarius delicious is the scientific name of this wild mushroom, it is also named Chung Yeung mushroom because it grows between September and October. The wetter the weather is, the richer the Chung Yeung mushroom will be. Chung Yeung mushroom with pork or local chicken list the top of dish gourmet in Zhangjiajie in autumn.

It is said that this wild mushroom can only grow with three conditions. They are horsetail pine, sandy soil and rain. It is very difficult for people to collect them. As usual,people collecting at night with flashlight and then keep them in ice bag.Because,this wild mushroom is fresh for only three days, so it is rare in the eyes of people.At present, artificial cultivation of this wild mushroom never succeed, in addition, it is not convenient to transport this wild mushroom.Thereby, people in big cities can seldom eat this wild mushroom. So,welcome to Zhangjiajie for Lactarius delicious.

By Aileen

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