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Zhangjiajie Humanistic Landscape-Du Xinwu Figures
2017-03-31 12:45:24  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

On March 10, in Zhangjiajie Cili, a statue as high as 18.69 meters Du Xinwu, the subject has been completed. After completion, Zhangjiajie will add a humanities landscape, so more tourists from home and abroad can visit China’s famous martial Du Xinwu.

18.69 meters height, means his born age 1869. A total of three layers represents three periods of the qing dynasty, the republic of China, the new China. The table maximum width 19.53 meters, means his died age 1953. A total of 84 steps are on behalf of the age of 84. In the spirit of “Force” as the theme, it reflects the Du Xinwu strong historical sense of responsibility and strong patriotic spirit.

Du Xinwu borned in 1869 in Cili, was a famous modern Chinese martial artist. In 1904, He travelled to Japan and went to the Tokyo imperial university of agricultural science. During the study, introduced by Song Jiaoren and Qin Zhen, He took the initiative to protect the security of Sun Zhongshan. He has served on the national government during the Anti-Japanese War. After liberation, He became the adviser to the military and administrative committee of Hunan province.On July 8, 1953, He died in Changsha, aged 84.

Translated by Sophia

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