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Hunan Huaihua high-speed railway with Zhangjiajie tourism
2016-12-20 16:23:51  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Huaihua high-speed railway completed in July 2014, December 16 official operation. It belongs to China's Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway, with four stations that Huaihua South Station, Xupu South Station, Zhijiang Station, Xinhuang West Station.

Huaihua high-speed railway station to Fenghuang town

It is about 80km and 90 minutes dirve to Fenghuang town(Tuojiang bus station) from Huaihua high-speed railway station.The cost is about CNY60/PP,you can easy get Taxi-bus between Fenghuang town and Huaihua high-speed railway station.Taxi-bus time details are as follows:

AM:7:50; 8:00; 9:50;10:00;11:55;12:00.

PM:12:50;13:00;14:00;15:50; 15:55;16:00.

Huaihua high-speed railway schedule information

Huaihua to Guangzhou:

You can easy go to Guangzhou (Guangzhou south-广州南 or Guangzhou north-广州北) from Huaihua high-speed railway is about 4.5 hours dirve.the total cost is about CNY470/PP(Second class seat).Train time details are as follows:

G6148 Huaihua south-Guangzhou south 08:58-13:35

G6162 Huaihua south-Guangzhou north 10:20-14:45

G6154 Huaihua south-Guangzhou south 10:50-15:45

G6166 Huaihua south-Guangzhou south 13:25-18:08

G6144 Huaihua south-Guangzhou south 18:25-23:05

Huaihua to Shanghai:

You can easy go to Shanghai(Shanghai Hongqiao-上海虹桥) from Huaihua high-speed railway is about 7-8 hours dirve.the total cost is about CNY600/PP(Second class seat).Train time details are as follows:

G1374 Huaihua south-Shanghai Hongqiao 09:20-16:38

G1324 Huaihua south-Shanghai Hongqiao 11:55-19:23

G1326 Huaihua south-Shanghai Hongqiao 13:40-20:56

G1328 Huaihua south-Shanghai Hongqiao 13:52-21:42

G1376 Huaihua south-Shanghai Hongqiao 14:25-22:20

G1330   Huaihua south-Shanghai Hongqiao 15:55-22:56

Huaihua to Changsha:

You can easy go to Changsha (Changsha south-长沙南) from Huaihua high-speed railway is about 1-2 hours dirve.the total cost is about CNY150/PP(Second class seat).Train time details are as follows:

G8932 Huaihua south-Changsha south 07:05-08:25

G8920 Huaihua south-Changsha south 07:30-09:04

G6402 Huaihua south-Changsha south 08:30-10:11

G1332 Huaihua south-Changsha south 08:41-10:15

G6148 Huaihua south-Changsha south 08:58-10:32

G1374 Huaihua south-Changsha south 09:20-11:01

G2364 Huaihua south-Changsha south 09:26-11:07

G2102 Huaihua south-Changsha south 09:40-11:14

G402 Huaihua south-Changsha south 09:47-11:21

G1484 Huaihua south-Changsha south 09:53-11:27

G82 Huaihua south-Changsha south 10:12-11:33

G6162 Huaihua south-Changsha south 10:20-11:54

G2304 Huaihua south-Changsha south 10:31-12:13

G2334 Huaihua south-Changsha south 10:44-12:25

G6154 Huaihua south-Changsha south 10:50-12:31

G1322 Huaihua south-Changsha south 11:02-12:37

G2308 Huaihua south-Changsha south 11:12-12:54

G6404 Huaihua south-Changsha south 11:18-13:01

G1686 Huaihua south-Changsha south 11:30-13:11

G286 Huaihua south-Changsha south 11:47-13:28

G1324 Huaihua south-Changsha south 11:55-13:43

G1522 Huaihua south-Changsha south 12:22-13:56

G6404 Huaihua south-Changsha south 12:35-14:16

G2336 Huaihua south-Changsha south 12:50-14:24

G404 Huaihua south-Changsha south 13:04-14:38

G6166 Huaihua south-Changsha south 13:25-15:02

G1326 Huaihua south-Changsha south 13:40-15:14

G1328 Huaihua south-Changsha south 13:52-15:27

G2104 Huaihua south-Changsha south 13:59-15:34

G6408 Huaihua south-Changsha south 14:07-15:48

G1532 Huaihua south-Changsha south 14:19-15:55

G1376 Huaihua south-Changsha south 14:25-16:13

G1422 Huaihua south-Changsha south 15:10-16:51

G1330 Huaihua south-Changsha south 15:55-17:22

G1524 Huaihua south-Changsha south 16:19-17:53

G6412 Huaihua south-Changsha south 16:55-18:36

G1534 Huaihua south-Changsha south 17:25-18:59

G2106 Huaihua south-Changsha south 18:05-19:33

G6144 Huaihua south-Changsha south 18:25-20:06

G6410 Huaihua south-Changsha south 18:45-20:33

G2108 Huaihua south-Changsha south 19:23-20:50

G6414 Huaihua south-Changsha south 20:10-21:44

G6416 Huaihua south-Changsha south 20:22-21:49

G6418 Huaihua south-Changsha south 21:45-23:05

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