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What do you prepare to Zhangjiajie before travel?
2017-03-27 15:53:00  Zhangjiajie Toptourism Website  

1.Document preparation: Valid documents to prove your true identity in travel, such as ID cards for adult (Marriage certificate for couple), residence booklet for children, military officer or soldier certificate etc.

2.Necessary clothing: Prepare according to the season and the climate environment of the travel midway and destination, the upper outer garment and the trousers should be loose and soft, the cotton is preferred, if travel time is longer, carry more suits of clothing as much as possible (In case of bad weather, not dried after washing); travel shoes are preferred, and the shoe sole can not skid.

3.Essential items: Umbrella, sun hat, flashlight, kettle, cameras and other related items.

4.Preparation of drugs: Medicine for colds (Quick cold capsule, Ganmaotong tablet, etc), anti-inflammatory drugs (Green chiretta, aspirin compound, etc), traumatic injury drugs (Band-aid, bonesetting water, safflower oil, etc), reducing fever and purge fire drugs (Rendan, Qinaliang tablet, Huoxiang Zhengqi oral liquid, 10 drops, etc), other (Carsick medicine, cooling oil, essential balm, etc), bring these drugs before departure in case of need (Other drugs are based on your own need).

5.Preparation of expenses: You should prepare the enough travel expenses for group tourism or independent travel. You should prepare the cash in advance if traveling in mountainous or remote region (No bank in some places).

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