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The Beginning of Winter
2017-11-10 10:56:47  ZJJTOPTOURISM WEBSITE  

The Beginning of Winter,Did you eat dumplings?
In ancient times, Beginning of Winter was not only the time people harvest crops to sacrifice and give a banquet to celebrate the good harvest year, but also is an important festival.
On the day, there is such a rite emperor went to suburb to celebrate the arrival of winter with ministers and gave them winter clothes to keep out the cold.
On the season, the weather is very cold, grass and trees , vitality will be hide,so people who keep in good health in the winter should comply with nature. And we should pay attention to keep warm, daily life is also very important. We should go to bed early and get up late, be sure to have enough rest.
In addition, this is a custom among the people. In the south of China, people will eat some fine dishes , high calorie food, such as chicken, fish and meat, which they can not only make your body strong, but also keep out the cold. However in the north, people will eat dumplings on the day. (The dumpling's pronunciation is similar to the word "alternate " )So, we usually do it.

Every season has its unique beauty, experienced the quiet beauty of autumn, we can leisurely enjoy white winter. If you don't want to go out in cold days, having a cup of tea, reading a book and playing a song are all very nice!

Hope you have a wonderful life!

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