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Tujia Shaking Hand Dance
2017-04-22 15:59:20  Zhangjiajie Toptourism Website  

Tujia Shaking Hand Dance is a large-scale dance with most influence in Tujia Minority, and with a strong religious color. The song is produced along with dance and the dance is named along with the song.

Shaking Hand Dance is also named as the “Sheba”, the performance form of the whole activity is the sacral dance and singing, to tell the story of human origin, ethnic migration and saga. After sacrificial ceremony, “Tima” or altar dominator led the people into the Shaking Hand Hall or Shaking Hand platform to dance Shaking Hand Dance and sing Shaking Hand Song. The Tujia people dance Shaking Hand Dance to help combat morale before battle.

Shaking Hand Dance is divided into single hand shaking, double-hand shaking, small extent shaking hand, etc. When dancing Shaking Hand Dance, knock on the big drum and the gong, the momentum is sonorous and vast to cliffhang. When dancing, both hands shake Dance at the same side, kick and shake the hands, trippingly advance and retreat in pair, and the mood is lively. Shaking Hand Dance is not only a physical exercise for entertainment and fitness, but also it is a unique artistic wonder on the stage, it is just “more romantic in the front of Shaking Hand Hall, go hand in hand together slowly to sing. Drum-Gong sound murmur, delicate and graceful aftersound Ho Yi Ho”.

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