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Zhangjiajie Tujia Drip Bed
2017-04-22 15:55:56  Zhangjiajie Toptourism Website  

The Tujia bridegroom shall make a “Drip Bed” before marriage.

The drip bed does not drop, just like the drip from the eaves. Usually it is divided into a pass drip and two pass drip. Two-drip bed is also called as the “One step” bed, engraved with dragon and phoenix, it is very exquisite and it is a special skill in Tujia. The footplate is placed between a pass drip and two pass drip, with a width of 6chi and half cun, with a depth of 4chi and half cun, the bedstands are located at left and right and they can be used as the small seat. The main wood carvings are located in the two pass drip, such as “The Eight Immortals crossing the sea”, “Marrow squash hanging down”, “Prosperity brought by the dragon and the phoenix” and various patterns of “Bud decoration”, and the painter’s artistic treatment, appearing the gorgeous color. According to the customs of Western Hubei Province, the bed size is not allowed to use the integer number, you must add half cun. As the saying goes, “Bed does not leave the half, the house not leave the eight”, “Half” partial tone is from “Companion”, “Eight” partial tone is from “Make a pile, do not leave the eight”, the woodworkers know the rules, if not according to the rules, the host is taboo not to say, the woodworker has to rework. 

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