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Hunan Pipaxi Hotel Forest Park Hotel
Hunan Pipaxi Hotel
$34.90 (¥240.00)★★★☆
Address: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Entrance
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  • During 10:00am-17:30pm Beijing time, we will reply within half hour; Other times,Next day Before 10:00am.
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  • Zhangjiajie official website designated reception unit(ZJJ-XZL-International Travel Service Co., Ltd)
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  • Standard Room$29.08(¥200.00)$29.74(¥200.00)YESReserve
  • Mountain View Room$34.90(¥240.00)$35.69(¥240.00)YESReserve
  • Deluxe Twin Room$40.71(¥280.00)$41.64(¥280.00)YESReserve
  • Deluxe Single Room$40.71(¥280.00)$41.64(¥280.00)YESReserve

The hotel is a joint-venture hotel, operated by Hunan Tourism Bureau and Beijing Tourism Group. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, a famous tourist attraction of Zhangjiajie, is within walking distance from this hotel.

The hotel boasts novel design, elegant architecture, advanced equipment and complete service facilities. It was constructed in the typical building style of Tulia nationality.

Our hotel has always been and will continue to be a favorite among tourists from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. From June in 1990 to now, we have aslo served many senior officials, national leaders and foreign leaders , such as Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Li Changchun, Li Ruihuan, Li Lanqing, Tian Jiyun, Qian Qichen, Li Tieyin, Jiang Chunyun, Qiao Shi and the president of Tanzania.

Our high-quality services have been highly praised by these leaders.

There are presidential suites, luxurious suites and standard rooms in the hotel, amounting to 191 rooms , with nearly 400 beds.

All our staff are looking forward to your coming!

Service facilities:

Beauty Salon Sauna Parking lot Meeting Rooms Shopping Center Health club Ticket Service

Book tips1.High-season: March01-November 30;
2.Off-season: December 01- February 28(Next year);
3.Holidays: May(01-05);Oct (01-07); Mid-autumn festival;The Spring Festival(01-07) ;
4.Booking Notes: Our website supports online booking,Also we help you make the most of your travel time and money.
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