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Zhangjiajie White Crown Long Tail Pheasants
2016-12-20 16:57:24  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

White crown long tail pheasants are our country′s special rare animals, which produced in the northern and central part of our country. They like to live in trees, lush forest shrub sparse environment.

In the wulingyuan area,in the flowers blooming spring, their breeding season is coming, they come there with their lover. In the breeding process, a magnificent and beautiful male pheasant lives on hills, once found other male pheasant entry, groups of female immediately loudly salvoes many times, occasionally with euphemistical music like trill, rather harmonization. At the same time, the male pheasant will rise and fights, two males all will jump within two to three meters high, with mouth and claw to fight each other, until the other party is defeated. This is the “marriage” of waiting for female phenomenon. Every morning, the male pheasant often jitters wings to begin the beguine, with its free and easy beautiful posture, seeking hen pheasant’s love.

Translated by Sophia

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