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Tips for Trip with Kids
2016-12-20 17:30:19  Zhangjiajie(XZL)International Travel Service  

Long drives will surely bore kids so you need to bring some of their favorite toys. Aside from their toys, you can also bring some crayons and art materials that they can tinker with while on the road. Parents should also plan ahead and see if there will be some interestin landmarks on your way to your final destination.

If you need to go to the bathroom while on the road we commonly cross our fingers for a gas station along the way. A better alternative though is to look for small or budget hotels that you can find near exits of major roads. The bathrooms are a lot cleaner in these establishments compared to restaurants and gas stations.

Bring some fun stuff that can help you move those tired and stiff joints. A long road trip will drain your energy and may take its toll on your body. Schedule some stops along the way, stretch a bit and play with the kids to keep their energies a bit high.

Translated by Sophia

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