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Changsha-Europe Railway Express Operates One Train Daily
2021-02-01 08:53:00  Enghunan  

On February 1, the China-Europe Railway Express departed from Changsha North Station with a destination of Minsk, Belarus. This was the 32nd such departure of the year. It was loaded with electronic products and small commodities. 

The Express has maintained a one-train per day schedule to assist in the global anti-pandemic fight and promote production resumption.

China-made electronic products, home appliances, and small commodities sell well in Europe. This year, the Express took home appliances, electronic equipment, toys, and textiles made in Hunan, Guangdong, Shanghai, and Jiangsu to European countries including Belarus, Germany, and Poland.

Wood and other raw materials that Hunan need are carried back to Hunan. Changsha is China’s fourth largest port for Russian wood. In 2020, 58 new enterprises registered who were served by the Express. The value of purchases exceeded 4.5 billion CNY, an increase of nearly 130% over 2019. Changsha has become an important logistics hub and industrial cluster. An economy based on this hub strongly supports trade of goods and manufacturing industry is taking shape.

Changsha’s port administration has established a coordination mechanism between and among government, railway freight, supporting companies, customs, and enterprise in order to address the effects of the pandemic on logistics and transportation. The China Railway Guangzhou Group Changsha Freight Center prioritized operation, loading, and transportation of China-Europe Railway Express freight train, and adopted the “integrative transportation” model. These would help optimize operation processes, and ensure “zero time difference” of docking of train operations. The efficiency has been improved by 28%, and transport capacity increased by 34%. Changsha is one of China’s most effective China-Europe Railway Express operator of “integrative transportation”.

Source from Enghunan

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