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Zhangjiajie issues action plan for tourism recovery
2020-02-25 09:15:00  chinadaily  

Zhangjiajie in Central China's Hunan province has issued an action plan for tourism recovery on Feb 18, devising 30 measures to boost confidence in the tourism industry and promote the market's recovery.

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, the city's scenic spots and performing arts venues have been temporarily closed, posing challenges to the tourism sector at this popular travel destination.

Among the measures announced in the action plan are support funds especially for tourism, and 10 policies including financing aid, tax incentives and employment support to help local tourism enterprises overcome difficulties. Epidemic prevention and control will continue as normal.

Following the future reopening of the city's scenic spots, until the end of this year a total of 33 scenic spots and their constituent transportation services will be free to medical workers across the nation.

A range of travel concessions, from tickets and transportation at scenic spots to hotels and flights, will also be available to the public.

As of Feb 17, the city has recorded five confirmed novel coronavirus cases, and all five patients have been discharged from hospital.

Source from Zhangjiajie official

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