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Tujia Minority Spring Festival Celebrations in Zhangjiajie
2020-01-19 08:45:00  Enghunan  

On January 18, the “Greeting Spring Festival and Lantern Festival in Zhangjiajie” 2020 Zhangjiajie Lantern Show inauguration ceremony and the Tujia Grand Banquet serial activities were held at the Tujia Customs Park in Yongding District. Tourists and locals wore red scarves, and wrote their New Year wishes on blessings-praying papers. They also watched and participated in such activities as folk song toasting, smashing wine bowls after drinking, hands waving dance, and firewalking to celebrate the Spring Festival. (Photo/Shao Ying) 

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

Keyword:Tujia Spring Festival