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3rd Hunan (Xiangyin) Traditional Folk Culture Tourism Festival
2019-12-31 17:02:00  hunanvoc  

On December 20, the 3rd Hunan (Xiangyin) Traditional Folk Culture Tourism Festival and the “G240 Local Delicacies Corridor” Zhangshugang New Year Celebrations kicked off at Liuzhuang Scenic Area—former residence of Zuo Zongtang, a prominent statesman and military leader in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912).

The festival aims to inherit Hunan’s folk culture and traditions, and promote all-for-one tourism.

Duration: Dec. 20, 2019-Feb. 8, 2020
Venue: Liuzhuang Scenic Area, Xiangyin

The festival will last till February 8, 2020. A variety of activities will be held to showcase traditional folk culture, including:
1.Xiangyin cultural performances;
2.Agricultural and sideline products pooled procurement;
3.Vegetable picking;
4.Hands-on events of fishing and purchase;
5.Xiangyin local snacks tasting (including General Tso's chicken, Zhangshugang chili, Helong Lake hairy crabs, ciba or glutinous rice cakes, stinky tofu, popcorn, and barbecue); and,
6.New Year celebrations.

Chinese source: hunanvoc

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