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Hunan’s First International Hiking Trail Opens
2019-12-15 20:54:00  ENGHUNAN  

On November 22, the Hunan (Huaihua) Xuefeng Mountain Hiking Development and Construction Promotion Conference and the 2019 Huaihua Winter Tourism Marketing Activities were held at Chuanyan Mountain Scenic Area, Xupu County. Hunan’s first international hiking trail was opened. 

Known as “Hunan’s father mountain”, Xuefeng Mountain is the birthplace of Hunan’s Yuanjiang and Zijiang rivers. It stretches for 350 km across four cities and ten counties vertically and horizontally. Xuefeng Mountain is a key to mountain tourism development in Hunan. It has beautiful natural scenery, complicated terrains, modern rural paths, and ancient trails. These unique resources and geographical location make it possible to expand into the international hiking tourism market.

Since the beginning of this year, hiking experts from the UK and the USA have conducted in-depth field visits around the Xuefeng Mountain area and designed an international hiking trail. The trail stretches from the Dahuayao Scenic Area Visitor Center through Huxing Mountain, Shanbei, High-speed Railway Station, Jiuxijiang, Yan’ejie, Fengxiang Yao Village, Huayuan, and Simeng. Along the trail, there are ancient villages, ancient roads that Qu Yuan, a poet of the Warring States Period (475 B.C.-221 B.C.), walked when writing his poetry anthology Chu Ci, and there are tea-horse ancient roads which were trod by the Second Front Red Army and General He Long. The 100-odd-km trail is promoted through a Hong Kong international travel agency. 

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Translator: Xiao Juan

Source from: Enghunan

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