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China's rail transiport goes global
2019-10-21 10:51:00  rednet  

In 1997, CRRC ZELC first went abroad and exported to Iran. This is also the first full train export of Chinese electric locomotives.

In 2009, CRRC ZELC exported a light rail project to Izmir the third-largest city in Turkey.

In 2014, CRRC ZELC and Johannesburg the capital of the Republic of South Africa signed the largest export contract for $2.1 billion for Chinese locomotive.

In 2015, the ETS Meter-Gauge EMU manufactured by CRRC ZELC was officially operated for passengers in Malaysia.

In 2018, CRRC ZELC exported a dual power engineering vehicle in the metro to Australia.

In 2018, CRRC ZELC released the brand-new shunting locomotive specially customized for Deutsche Bahn (DB) in Berlin, Germany

In 2019, CRRC ZELC exported China's first EMU train to the EU, Leo Express, arriving in the Czech Republic.

The products of CRRC have been exported to 105 countries and area, 83% of nations who have railroads have used CRRC's products.

The Chinese railway industry has made great progress in 50 years, and it goes global and becomes a new business brand made in China.

Source from rednet

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