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The glory of China's rail transport
2019-10-20 10:41:00  rednet  

The world's first autonomous rail rapid transit system: Zhuzhou Intelligent Rail Express A1 line

The railway running on the highest altitude in the world: Qinghai-Tibet Railway

The largest scale of an urban rail transit network in the world: Shanghai Urban Rail transit

The longest mileage of urban rail transit in the world: Beijing Urban Rail Transit

The largest assembly of Rail transit core system in the world: CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd.

The trains of the world's highest speed with a speed of 486.1 kilometers per hour: Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Rail

The world's first high-speed rail through Alpine seasonal frozen soil area: Harbin to Dalian High-Speed Rail

The world's longest operating mileage of high-speed rail systems across the temperate zone and subtropical zone with a variety of topographic features and numerous rivers: Beijing to Guangzhou high-speed rail

The world's longest construction of high-speed rail, crossing the desert and windy areas: Lanzhou to Urumqi High-Speed Rail

The world's first high-speed railway in a tropical island: Hainan High-Speed Rail

The heavy-duty freight railway with world's largest annual capacity: Datong to Qinhuangdao Railway

The longest-running railway across the desert: Urumqi to Kashgar, Baotou to Lanzhou Railway

Railways across the mountains: Nanning to Kunming Railway, Chongqing to Huaihua Railway

Source from rednet

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