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2019 Hunan Six Summer Travel Routes Announced
2019-07-30 16:44:00  Enghunan  

Recently, the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism announced six summer travel routes at the opening ceremony of the 2019 Hunan Summer Rural Culture and Tourism Festival. 

The travel routes included:

1.Study Tours on Hunan Revolutionary Traditions
(1)Shaoshan (Mao Zedong’s Former Residence)—Ningxiang (Liu Shaoqi’s Former Residence)
(2)Pingjiang (Former Site of Pingjiang Uprising)—Liling (Li Lisan’s Former Residence and the Ancestral Hall of the Geng Family)—Youxian County (Jiuxian Lake and a red army armory)—Yanling (Emperor Yan's Mausoleum and Red Army Slogan Museum)—Rucheng (Shazhou Revolutionary-related Scenic Area)
2.Intangible Cultural Heritage Tours
Wulingyuan (Zhangjiajie National Forest Park)—Yongshun (Laosicheng Site and Furong Town)—Guzhang (Red Carbonate-Rock Stone Forest National Geopark and Hangwu Miao Village)—Fenghuang (Fenghuang Ancient Town)—Hongjiang (Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town)
3.Cool Tours for Summer
Hengyang (Hengshan Mountain)—Leiyang (Cailun Bamboo Sea)—Yongxing (Bianjiang River and Dragon King Range)—Zixing (Dongjiang Lake)—Guidong (Bamian Mountain Natural Reserve)
4.Chill-out Tours
Changsha (Yuelu Mountain, Orange Isle, and Hunan Museum)—Yuetang (Zhaoshan)—Yunlong District (Fantawild Adventure)—Youxian County (Jiubu River and Bailong Cave)—Yanling (Emperor Yan's Mausoleum)—Zixing (Little Dongjiang Lake)
5.Eco Tours
Xupu (Chuanyan Mountain National Forest Park and Fengxiang Yao Village)—Tongdao (Wanfo Mountain and Huangdu Dong Village)—Chengbu (Nanshan National Park)—Xinning (Langshan Mountain)—Dong’an (Zishui National Forest Park and Mount Emperor Shun National Park)
6.Water-related Happy Tours
Yueyang (Dongting Lake, Yueyang Tower, and Junshan Island)—Changde (Happy Waterworld and Italy-style Street)—Taoyuan (Taohuayuan Scenic Area)—Yuanling (Eryou Mountain and Jiemu Stream)

Translator: Xiao Juan

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