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2019 Zhangjiajie Huanglong Music Festival to Open July 22
2019-07-23 16:39:00  Enghunan  

The 2019 Huanglong Music Festival will kick off on July 22 at Zhangjiajie’s Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The 2019 Huanglong Music Festival has two major parts: vocal music week and piano art week.

The vocal music week will be held between July 22 and 30. A total of 214 awards will be given and more than 1.8 million CNY of grant will be offered. Special award winners will be announced at Huanglong Music Hall on July 30. Each of the three winners will receive 300,000 CNY.

The piano art week will be held from August 2 to 9, with a total of 204 awards to be given and over 1.3 million CNY of grants to be offered. Special award winners will be announced at the Huanglong Music Hall on August 9. The professional group and amateur group winners will receive 500,000 CNY and 100,000 CNY respectively.

The most anticipated highlight of the 2019 Huanglong Music Festival is an outdoor musical show on July 26 at the Laomowan Oxygen Bar Square in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. The Russian Philharmonic Orchestra and hundreds of musicians from all over the world will perform renowned foreign and Chinese pieces of music, including "I Love You China", "My Motherland", "Ode to the Red Flag", "Swan Lake (suite)", "Moscow Nights", and "Polovtsian Dances ".

Initiated in 2016, the Huanglong Music Festival is a stage dedicated to promoting Chinese music exchanges and development. It has been held for three consecutive years and has attracted nearly 200,000 music lovers from all over the world. More than 5,000 received 13-million-yuan-plus subsidies together to chase their music dream.

2018 Huanglong Music Festival performance scene (File photo).

Translator: Xiao Juan2018 Huanglong Music Festival performance scene (file photo).

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