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Tujia wedding held at culture park in Zhangjiajie
2019-05-22 09:21:00  CHINADAILY  

A special wedding organized at a Tujia culture theme park attracted many local residents and tourists in Zhangjiajie's Yongding district on May 12.

It was a quintessential wedding ceremony of the Tujia ethnic group, which included special wedding traditions.

Wedding music and etiquette were typical of the Tujia ethnic group, quite different from other ethnic groups in the country.

The bride, Wu Ye, is a Tujia woman, but the bridegroom Julien Patrice Pierre Moine comes from France and was accompanied by more than 20 relatives and friends who came from 8 countries to attend the wedding.

Moine said he fell in love with Wu at first sight when he arrived in the city for sightseeing two years ago. And he was very satisfied with the special wedding ceremony, because he really loves his bride and the Tujia culture and customs.

A tourist said he was happy to witness such a unique wedding ceremony, as he could see many typical Tujia wedding practices.

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