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2019 Hunan World Famous Flowers Eco-cultural Festival Kicks off
2019-03-22 11:00:00  EnjoyChangsha  

The 2019 Hunan World Famous Flowers Eco-cultural Festival kicked off at Hunan Forest Botanical Garden on March 20. The 35-day festival enables visitors to enjoy world famous flowers such as cherry, peach blossoms, azaleas, and tulips.

Cherry Blossom Garden is home to one hundred varieties, including Somei Yoshino (Yoshino Cherry), Weeping Cherry, and cherry blossom with multi-layer petals or single-layer petals.

A tulip show attracts many tourists. It also includes many rare bulb or perennial flowers which are introduced to Hunan for the first time, including onion- or garlic-scented bulbous herbs, anemone, Iris hollandica, and iris germanica.

During the festival, eight theme activities will be held, including Huazhao Festival (literally birthday of all flowers), 2019 Mango Music Festival, and “Learning from Lei Feng” public welfare activity.

The music festival will invite campus folk bands to stage live performances featuring ancient martial arts elements.

In addition, a blind date event themed "I Have a Date with Spring" will also be held during the festival.

Many tourists visit and take photos at the 800-mu (5.3-ha.) cherry blossom garden.

Blooming tulips attract many tourists.

Peach blossom park

Admission:RMB 50/Adult; RMB 25/Student

Source from EnjoyChangsha

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