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Zhangjiajie Snow World
2019-12-28 15:00:20  ZJJTOPTOURISM WEBSITE  

Zhangjiajie Snow World was invested and constructed by Zhangjiajie Snow World Tourism Development Co., Ltd. The first investment is more than 600 million yuan.It is located in Yanghe Township, Cili County, Zhangjiajie City, only 300 meters from the Changzhang Expressway Yanghe Toll Station Exit and only 30 minutes drive to Zhangjiajie City. It is the only way to go to Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic spot and Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Glass Bridge (also only 30 minutes drive). Its geographical location is very advantageous.Zhangjiajie Snow World will focus on building a sports, cultural and tourism complex that integrates sports and leisure, cultural entertainment, catering, shopping, and accommodation, which will become the characteristics and highlights of Zhangjiajie tourism.

The first phase of Zhangjiajie Snow World covers more than 200 acres. With snow and ice architecture, ice and snow sports, ice and snow performances, and ice and snow art as the carrier, it creates a dreamy snow world with perfect integration of technology, art, and human culture, so that visitors can experience the fun of snow and ice tourism all year round.

The construction area of Zhangjiajie Snow World Indoor Ski Hall is 6,3322.1㎡, of which the cold area construction area is 27655.1㎡, equipped with ski hall and snow entertainment facilities, which can accommodate 1,300 people at the same time, with a daily reception capacity of 6,000. It can also host various competitions and performances, product launches and other activities.

Zhangjiajie Snow World,as one of Zhangjiajie's tourism innovation products, With its geographical and Zhangjiajie core tourist attractions, it will play an important role in increasing the diversity and experience of Zhangjiajie tourism and improving the quality of Zhangjiajie tourism.

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