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Tianmenshan's Mountain Escalator
2017-06-13 11:14:00  ZJJTOPTOURISM WEBSITE  

Tianmenshan's Mountain Escalator runs throughout the mountain tunnel. From the bottom of Tianmen hole, can directly reach the Peak. The escalator, A total of 12 segments; length of 897 meters; the height of 340 meters; total span of 692 meters.It consists of 16 stations(30m large overloaded motor) and 3 stations(20m large overloaded motor). Transmission capacity is about 3,600 people/hour(Single-way).The visitors can not only greatly reduce the queuing time, and Visitors will be more efficient from the top to Tianmen hole.

Itinerary recommended:

A Itinerary, Tourists take the ropeway up to the top of mountain, then take the moutain escalator to tianmen hole, and take free bus back to city cableway station.

B Itinerary, Firstly,tourists take free bus to tianmen hole from city cableway station, then take the moutain elevator to the top of mountain.and take cable car directly back to city cableway station.

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