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Zhangjiajie won the title of "China National Forest City"
2017-10-12 16:52:08  ZJJTOPTOURISM WEBSITE  

October 10, 2017, China's State Forestry Administration granted Zhangjiajie as "China National Forest City" title,Zhangjiajie Mayor Liu Gean made a typical speech in Hebei Chengde National Forest City Symposium.

In the past three years,Zhangjiajie new urban green area of about 950 million square meters,Complete the barren hills afforestation 310,000 mu,Construction of green channel more than 1,320 kilometers,Green waterfront more than 520 kilometers,Built urban green coverage rate reached 42%,So that per capita park green space to reach 11.5 square meters.

Translated by SHUIRE

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