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Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Wisdom Tourism
2017-05-05 16:06:04  Zhangjiajie Toptourism Website  

Message from Zhangjiajie grand canyon scenic spot, in small holiday(May Day), Zhangjiajie grand canyon scenic spots received 46,000 tourists.

During vacation period, Zhangjiajie grand canyon scenic spot  fully implemented the system online booking ticket, so visitors can through the network, WeChat, travel agency to book tickets in advance. At the same time, the scenic area in advance upgraded on map. On site management, Zhangjiajie grand canyon scenic spot was the first to use the advanced intelligent system, monitoring of Bridges of tour reception and carried on the strict management, to ensure that the entire bridge under dynamic real-time monitoring 24 hours a day.

In addition, Zhangjiajie grand canyon scenic spot also adjusted the visit time and set up several tour routes, to meet the need for tourists to visit.

Translated by Sophia



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