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“Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie” closes on January 1st and recovers on Febr
2017-01-14 12:44:28  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

On January 1, Huanglong scenic area marketing center has announced that in Huanglong hole hallelujah hall, the ethical amorous feeling “Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie”  will have a rest on January 2, 2017 and restore on February 10.

“Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie”  is a large-scale performing art and folk custom. Relying on the simple life of Zhangjiajie tujia and miao nationality, with a unique and clever dance art creation, it shows the perfect audio-visual enjoyment. In the first half of 2016, “Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie” showed on CCTV stage, and received extensive attention of the audience. In August 2016, “Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie”  blew to Rio to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Since then, many people came to Zhangjiajie to find the idea of the original source. Then, it has been appended to six games every day, repeatedly breaking the record events in the history of cultural performance. Statistics show that in 2016, “Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie”  accumulated 510 performances throughout the year and received audience of 362,420 people, year-on-year growth of 24%, respectively, 53.4%, in 2015, on the basis of realizing the leap.

According to understand, phoenix media companies will comprehensively upgrade for the program, the comprehensive maintenance on the equipment and facilities. In another development, in 2017, “Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie”  will add a team performance, up to eight performances every day. On the basis of guarantee the quality of service and performance level, it will satisfy the tourist drama performance requirements.

Translated by Sophia

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