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Yiyang Anhua Ancient Tea-horse Road Scenic Spot
2017-05-20 09:09:14  ENGHUNAN  

The Ancient Tea-horse Road, located in Anhua County of Yiyang City, is about 150 kilometers away from Yiyang downtown area. This ancient commercial passage has long been dubbed as the last caravan road and the best-preserved remnant of ancient tea-horse road in south China. Today, although the Tea-horse Road is no longer active as a trade route, it still keeps primitive folk custom alive, with abundance of unique natural scenery far away from the bustling city.

Besides its picturesque location, the scenic spot has also been highly appreciated for its cultural and historic value. Visitors can not only experience the joy of horse riding, but also trace the cultural relics of the caravan. Surrounded with verdant trees, clear water, high mountains and deep valleys, the scenic area is characterized by mightiness, uniqueness and elegance.

The places of historic interest, workshops, classic exhibition hall, religious buildings, folk customs and resorts make tourists want to stay longer. The scenic spot is equipped with tourist service center, sightseeing bus, direct drinking water, natural gas, broadband network, satellite television, floodlighting and automated parking lot. Favorable accommodation facilities are also offered here in characteristic guest rooms, diversified resort hotels, high-level business clubs and theme culture hotels.

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