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Baofeng Lake Tourism Guide Words
2017-05-07 10:41:54  Zhangjiajie Toptourism Website  

Baofeng lak-寶峰湖-Baofenghu(宝峰湖导游词英文版)


Baofeng lake is located in the heartland of Zhangjiajie scenic area, named after the Baofeng Buddhist holy mountain which is in the south of the lake.(Because it connect with Baofeng Buddhist holy mountain,we name after it) The Boafeng lake is different from other lakes,it is half-natural, half man-made, located halfway up the mountain range, 85 meters above the ground and has an altitude of 585 meters.So we have to clamb up to get to the lake.With an average depth of 72 meters, the lake covers an erea of 15 hectares, is about 2 kilometers long. it can hold over 4 millions cubic meters of water. This water is composed by rainfall, mountain springs and underground water. The widest is 150 meters and the narrowest is 10 meters. Its main function is flood-control, irrigation, tourism and to generate electricity. Due to special good water quality, it is the part source of drinking water in Wulingyuan district. The lake gather water to appear a smooth water at the top of steep gorges, know as the jade pool on the world. The water of Baofeng lake is not as far as the eyes you can reach and don’t see everthing at a glance. The picturesque peaks of layer after layer winding stretch forward, mountains around water, water around peaks, reaches down to the depths of the mountains. The small jade island like jewelry adorning the surface of the lake, make it more beautiful and magnificent. So the Baofeng lake like a graceful poem, charming song will introduce the people’s imagination into a far-reaching, attractive and amazing landscape.

After entering into the gate of lake, there is a beautiful waterfall over 70 meters presenting in front of us. The water come from the lake. Under the waterfall, the chain bridge and green trees and bamboos is the palce where the tv play series “The journey to west” shot on the lacation of water curtain cave in those days.
Walking along the up-slope, across the happiness bridge, climbing up the true man slop,we will arrive at the peaceful and cool pavilion dock. From here we will get on the pleasure-boat to enjoy the picturesque scenery on the surface of the Baofeng lake.

Now, ahead of our boat, there are two peaks forming a natural stone gate, we call it “stone gate greeting guest”. this is the narrowest and deepest place,15 meters width and 119 meters depth.

There are a lot of scenic spots that we can enjoy in the lake: Peacock displaying colorful tail, Golden tortoise playing in the lake, Immortal’s trail, Half face Pigsy, Grocodile crag, Golden toad biting the moon, Fairy lady reflected in the lake, the big belly Buddha, etc.

Two of them are most famous scenic spots. one is Golden toad biting the moon.  Everybody, please notice the far end of the lake, two interesting peaks form a huge English letter ‘V’,as if a gigantic toad is opening its mouth and gazing up into the sky. On the mid-autumn festival night, the moon appears directly between the two peaks, like a toad hold the moon in its mouth, to form the unique wonder in the world--Gold toad biting the moon. So every year in this night,it is the busiest night in the lake. If you have time, you may come to here to take part in the Annual General meeting on the boat in the night of the lunar 15th August.

Another is Fairy Lady Reflected in the lake. That is a sole stone peak who like a beautiful girl stands by the lake, elegantly and quietly, is looking herself in the water and dressing up.On her head,there is a very graceful crown. in fact, the crown is a bunch of azaleas. When spring is coming, the azaleas is coming out, many bees and butterflies are flying among the azaleas. All these shadows fall into the water to form very charming spectacle.
Roaming in the Baofeng lake,you not only enjoy the magnificent natural scenery, but also enjoy the rich ethnic customs. All the tujia people who live this location are hard-working and good at singing and dancing. Everyone can sing several folk songs. their young people usually find their ideal lover by exchange folk songs each other. If a tujia person can’t sing folk songs,it is difficult to find a suitable spouse. They are free love, use folk song to express their tender feeling. The Baofeng lake is also very famous place where the tujia people sing folk song. especial on the annual lunar 14th july,the girl’s day of tujia. On the day the Baofeng lake turns into a sea of folk song,the heaven of the folk dance. it become a love wholesale market too.A lot of boys and girls come to here to find their true lover in the girl’day by singing folk song.

That day, these girls who are selected from every villages, come to the Baofeng lake.They are beautiful and intelligent, have high social status. The first, they sing folk songs in front of the gate of Baofeng lake. At that moment, everyone can sing song, everywhere you can enjoy the folk songs.In order to see the girl’s beautiful faces, many Tujia young man climb over mountains and cross rivers to get to the Baofeng lake, make the lake into a sea of people and crowded very much. It is said if a boy can exchange three songs with a girl who maybe become his lover, If a boy can’t exchange folk songs, he have to work hard for the girl whom he likes for 9 years to capture her heart. Such as washing clothes, cooking meals and cutting firewood.

In that day the pleasure-boat of Baofeng lake will be no longer carrying tourists, but also are the beautiful girls, the moving folk songs, and the boy’s excited heart. On the surface of the lake will be hold a day-long exchange folk song competition. At last the frist prize of the competition will put on the most beautiful ethnic costumes, and then will be send on the lover bridge.Walking on the lover bridge is the tujia girl’s dream for life time, supreme the Baofeng lake is the most desirable place and holy paradise in the tujia girl’s heart.The water of Baofeng lake become the sacred water in the minds of tujia people.Those boys who can’t find their lover will go into the lake to pick up a bowl of water to drink in the girl’s can bring themselves good luck so that they can find their beloved girls.In the unique place,the boy find the girl, the girl find the true love.Their loves get sublime and find end-result. The young people’s hearts are no longer floating, here is the heaven of tujia people’ soul.
Today. although we can’t see the spectacle of the girl’s day,but we can enjoy the flok song of tujia boys and girls on the spot. Ladies and Gentlemen, be quiet please, look the elegent boat just ahead of us,listening carefully, from faraway, coming the engaging sound of folk songs.

Ok! everyboday, today’s tour on the boat of baofeng lake will end. please take your belonging and get off the boat. And then follow me to go down 395 steps to go back parking lot.


For these days traveling in Zhangjiajie, we more focused on the mountain view, which has delivered us a great expression on the toughness and spectacularity of our living surroundings. it's giving us the feeling of a strong man. so, are there any places that can show us the tenderness of the landscape like a sweet woman? Of course, No problem for the diverse Zhangjiajie. As the old Chinese philosophy goes, Man is mountain, Woman is water, so I have to take to you some beautiful water scenery for this time, Don't worry, it won't? be a water amusement park. I figured out the beautiful Baofeng Lake would be the perfect place. because it's believed to the bathing pool for the most beautiful goddess from heaven, She is still in the water, and quite a few interesting stories going on there?

In terms of the Natural view, It's in front of Baofeng Mountain, that's how the name comes,Baofeng means Treasure Mountain in Chinese. it's located almost on the mountain top,very high, and combines the Avatar Landform with a Peaceful lake, which means we can see the floating Avatar Mountain On Water, the view would be similar to the movie. we will enjoy it through a very relaxing boat trip for 40minutes, Moreover, it's a spot where we could hear the lovely folk songs from Tujia boy and girl. It will be very sweet. Ok, Hurry up. Guys,Let's go, cannot wait to watch the goddess taking bath.

Here we are at the entrance....

From here, We could see a beautiful waterfall. it's obviously from the lake. now if you want to know how deep is the Baofeng Lake, just look at how high is the mountain.? Actually, the average depth is 72ms, the deepest spot is 119ms. Have to say the truth, Baofeng Lake was a Reservoir before once used for irrigation. The water comes from the rain,spring and underground water, it has formed a lake of around 3 square kilometers. the Lake is just behind the mountain. so it still takes some minutes to see the real beauty.

After the bridge comes the Slope of strong man. There are about 200 stairs. you will be qualified to be strong after you finish the part.


Here appears the view. before boarding the boat, anyone want to use the washroom. there will be a 30min on the boat without toilet.

Now we have to wait for some minutes, because there are only a few people, there is a 20 minutes interval for each the boat trip. we still get left. Now you are free to do whatever you want, Later I will inform you when to take the boat,The girl is showing the tourists how to use the safety cushion. Cushion is normally for sitting, this one is not?


Can you believe there is golf course here. The platform on the right is the Green(果嶺), The swinging spot up there the left. there used to a competition between the team from China and South Korea. the prize is very tempting. if you can make a "Hole in one", it would be 1 million US Dollar. but at the game, most of the participants hit the ball in with 2 swings. not bad still got 1 million RMB. but all went to the charity fund.


It's music time...Did you see that wooden boat there? Later we will enjoy the lovely Tujia folk songs first for girl. it will sound very beautiful in nature. The girl will come out and sing for us after hearing applause from tourists... Ok,Let's be quiet and listen In front, there is giant Buddha sitting on the lake. Can you find him? OK? see that crack? the Buddha is just on the right of the crack.? Does it look like fat man sitting there. We called him happy Buddha.


We are back to the boy's floating home. Any girl wants to sing a sing to him, any song would be fine.


Do you still remember the pig King in the novel: "Journey to the west". As I've introduced before, he actually is a pervert. Here we see him again. Did you see there is pig head about 3 meters above the water? it's him. But it's only the half face. Why is he here? It's said because he heard the news that the goddess was taking bath here. so he was hiding and peeping at somewhere, he was found out, the goddess slapped his face into 2 halfs. See? the other half is on the wall. It was such a hard slapping. After the goddess realized she was insulted by the pig, she started to cry, then her crystal tears accumulated and became the lake. so the tears of the? goddess is also the source of lake water.


Now we are approaching the girl's? boat, seriously any boy wants to try and have interest in 9 years hard labor work or just good enough to take her back with your voice. Come on. Chance wait for no man.


The best always comes at last. Now we are very close to the Bathing Goddess. Not sure if she is still crying because of the pig or sleeping because she tired, she has closed her eyes, looks very peaceful.? Her beauty is beyond word. Just enjoy.


40 minutes boat trip showed us a great scenery of Baofeng Lake, Hope you enjoyed. Here is the spot, we can have a photo together. later, we will walk down for 8 minutes to the waterfall, while see the baby fish on the way?

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