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China's most Beautiful Ten Famous Mountains
2017-04-28 10:06:28  Zhangjiajie Toptourism Website  

1, Namjagbarwa (Tibet Province)
Best season: February - April, October - November

2, Gongga (Sichuan Province)
Best season: Late October - The following year in March(Snow season)

3, Everest (Tibet Province)
Best season: Late April - Early June, Mid-september - Early October

4, Meri (Yunnan Province)
Best viewing snowy season: January - May

5, Huangshan (Anhui Province)
Peak season: March 16 - November 16. Off season: November 16 - March 15

6, Daocheng sanshen mountain (Sichuan Province)
Best season: April - June(Rainy season is July - November)

7, Chogori (Xinjiang Province)
Mountain climbing season: July - September

8, Gang Rinpoche (Tibet Province)
Best season: May - Early July, Mid-august - October

9, Taishan (Shandong Province)
Best season: Four seasons

10, Emei Mountain (Sichuan Province)
Best season: Spring and Autumn

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