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Zhangjiajie No.5 Valley Inn Forest Park Hotel
Zhangjiajie No.5 Valley Inn
$58.01 (¥399.00)★★★★☆
Address: Yangjiajie,Zhonghu Town,Wulingyuan Scenic Spot
+86 744 8362222
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  • Room TypeOff-season RateHigh-season RateBreakfast 
  • Sunshine Room$58.01(¥399.00)$65.13(¥438.00)YESReserve
  • Garden-view Room$63.69(¥438.00)$69.59(¥468.00)YESReserve
  • Starlight Room$86.95(¥598.00)$88.92(¥598.00)YESReserve
  • Guanhe Room$101.49(¥698.00)$103.79(¥698.00)YESReserve
  • Canyon Loft$114.58(¥788.00)$117.18(¥788.00)YESReserve
  • Villa Room$159.94(¥1100.00)$163.57(¥1100.00)YESReserve
  • Family Suite$189.02(¥1300.00)$193.31(¥1300.00)YESReserve
  • Presidential Suite$360.59(¥2480.00)$368.78(¥2480.00)YESReserve

Zhangjiajie No.5 Valley Inn is located in Yangjiajie,Zhonghu Town,Wulingyuan Scenic Spot, Zhangjiajie,Near to Yangjiajie ticket office,It is a five-star standard hotel,This hotel has maintained its popularity with both leisure and business travelers for its location, attentive service people and for the large, stirring frescoes decorating its lobby and swimming pool.This hotel offers 35 rooms including standard rooms and deluxe single rooms and suites. All rooms have high-speed broadband Internet access and WIFI.It is a luxury business hotel for setting tourism, leisure, business and so on.
The hotel offers 24-hour reception and accepts credit card payment.The guest rooms are luxuriously decorated equipped with TV, air conditioner, mini-refrigerator,lamps, window curtain, high-speed broadband Internet access, and private bathroom with 24-hour hot water supply.In addition,the hotel offers parking and laundry service; Guests staying here will find it convenient,safe and comfortable.
Recommended route:
A.Regular bus route:Zhangjiajie city to Zhonghu town,it is about 49 can easy get regluar bus in Zhangjiajie centre bus station,it is about 1.5 hours dirve.Also Zhangjiajie bus station is near to Zhangjiajie railway station.The regluar bus cost is only CNY15/PP.Pls note:the regluar bus daily working hours are 7:00am-18:00pm
B.Hiking travel route:Zhangjiajie national forest park entrance-Oxygen bar square-Scenic bus 8 mins dirve to Longfengan-Hiking 20 minutes to Longfengan temple bus station-Scenic bus 20 mins dirve to Zhonghu town for hotel.
Opened:2013 Number of rooms:35 Postcode:427000 Redecorated:2016
Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport  46.6 km  
Zhangjiajie Railway Station  45.3 km  
Yangjiajie Entrance  5.0 km

Book tips1.High-season: March01-November30
2.Off-season: December 01- February28(Next year)
3.Holidays: May(01-05);Oct (01-07); The Spring Festival(01-07) Mid-autumn festival
4.Booking Notes: Our website supports online booking,We help you make the most of your travel time and money.
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