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Zhangjiajie San Xia Guo
2017-02-19 16:46:00  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Talking about this dish-San Xia Guo, people in Zhangjiajie all know it and no people who have been to Zhangjiajie do not know it as well. It is said, San Xia Guo was originally from Ming Dynasty. In Ming Dynasty, the court called up soldiers of this place to go up the line to repel the ancient Japan. It was in winter and in the Chinese New Spring Festival. The leader of the army gave orders to spend the New Year one day ahead avoiding delaying of army. At that day, they cooked a dish with materials of rabbit, bacon and dried bean curd. Nowadays in Zhangjiajie, the San Xia Guo Dish is a bit different from the one in Ming Dynasty. It is usually cooked by the tripe of cow, pig and sheep or pig trotters and pig head. San Xia Guo is a classic local dish and is a must try.


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